“Building a firm foundation for creating jobs and bringing prosperity to more people is hard work. But in addition to the efforts of entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and average workers, prosperity depends on understanding the basis for its existence: free people, able to make their own decisions in a free market without arbitrary regulation or subsidies that favor the politically connected. If people are uneducated in the principles of free economy, they are unlikely to give it the support needed for it to survive.”

John Fund

National Review

“We need to preserve liberty, and that is why Prosperity 101® is a great, great educational tool.”

Steve Moore

Committee to Unleash Prosperity

“I was so thrilled, Linda, when I heard about your program. Prosperity 101® is exactly what is needed, and will serve as important, filling a critical gap in our system.”​

Dr. Michael Farris

Alliance Defending Freedom

“Employers are uniquely qualified to assess the impact of public policy on our businesses. We need to let employees know when pending legislation will directly affect their jobs and families.”

Tim Nerenz

Ph.D, International Business Executive, Educator, Author, Speaker

“It is the duty as a responsible employer to provide the necessary tools so that employees empower themselves to learn about the current and future business climate so they may make the best decisions for their career and their families. Public policy that is not business-friendly will be detrimental to job quality and growth unless we all voice our concerns and make a difference. Menards saw the need to get economic information directly to our team members. This was done quickly for us through the use of great ‘to-the-point’ presenters and relative reading materials for team members to take home.”

J.R. Menard

Menard, Inc.

“Thank you for Prosperity 101®. It is so critical. It’s such an important component. We all have jobs. We all report to somebody. And we look up to those employers, not only for the paycheck, but also for other important things. What is it that will make our businesses stronger? What can we do to have more employers? What can we do to grow our business? Policy matters, more so today than it ever has, unfortunately. Government has gotten bigger and gotten involved in more and more aspects of our life than our founders ever probably envisioned. We’ve got to pay attention to it. And your program is really empowering employers to help do that with their employees. So, thank you.”

Tom Pyle

Institute for Energy Research

“I think Prosperity 101® is just going to play a huge role in shaping just our whole workforce and our mindset around that and you’re just doing great stuff so I’m proud to be part of it.”

“I think everyone knows the value of a job. But your Prosperity 101® goes far deeper than that – and the impact of what your job has relative to policy and other things.”

Tom Rothstein

SeQuel Response

“The program that you put on, Prosperity 101®, I think is a fantastic program to help educate people about some of the things that maybe impact their life but they don’t spend enough time to really try and understand to the point where they could feel good about making those decisions.”

“I think the program that you’re putting together is fantastic. I’m looking forward to presenting it to my employees. I think programs like that are extremely helpful in what we’re doing as business owners in creating an environment for success for everybody that’s here.”

Bob Wendt

Cultivate Communications

“Prosperity 101 – Job Security Through Business Prosperity® is a must read for anyone concerned about their freedom and economic future. From the Board Room to the Break Room, this book, and the fundamental principles it teaches, are for all who desire a prosperous life and a secure and free future.”

Peter M. Dobelbower

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Packed with Important/timely information!

I love Linda Hansen’s podcasts! I began to listen because I wanted to be better informed. Today, with so much false information flooding news and social media, I am looking for trusted sources that unapologetically speak truth. Linda has a wide array of topics and presents them with her guests in a manner that is easily understood and digested. Definitely worth your time to listen!

I love all your podcasts, but this one with Ed Henry was fantastic!!! Such a wide range of topics… and people in politics. All on a positive note. And yes, hearing from REAL people is soooo important!!! I’ve always wished “We the People” had a platform in which to speak. There are times I’ve felt like SCREAMING to make my voice be heard. So, a BIG thanks to You and people like Ed Henry for making that happen!!! Excellent interview, for you and Ed, both. Great job!!!

You can be sure, I’ll be passing this interview along.👍

Kurt E.

Just listened to your last 3 episodes on P101, they were great.

Ziad Abdelnour was a hoot. In regards to comparing Capitalism vs Socialism, his comment of “Screw that shit” was hilarious. I love people that say it like it is.👍

And the 2 episodes with Patricia Bailey were excellent as well. The two of you make for a really good interview. Both of you are very well spoken, and have done incredible things.

There were several good quotes throughout, but the 2 that really stuck out were “Humble and turn”… and… “Blessed is the nation who’s God is The Lord”.

That last one is really powerful, and puts the finger right on the problem in this country.

Great job to all of you.👍🙏♥️

I just listened to Linda’s podcast, and it was excellent.

Ed was in his typical, upbeat mood, which I like. And Linda does an excellent job of keeping on track and asking the right questions, which is more difficult than it may seem. She’s astute, and she’s certainly met some great people in her work. It must be rewarding and exciting. It’s probably grueling at times, as well.

Thanks for passing it along. As I have so many podcasts I follow, it isn’t easy to listen to all of them. Time to narrow down my list, and Linda’s will remain on it! 😊👍🏻🇺🇸

Kurt S.